Helping Heroes Fire Station™

Helping Heroes Fire Station™


Calling all helpers! It's time to jump into action with the Helping Heroes Fire Station ™. Firefighters Fiona and Frankie sleep, relax and work out in the multi-level fire station. Get ready for a rescue by checking the equipment and learning how to be a firefighter. When it's time for action, drop Fiona or Frankie through the opening and into the mini rescue vehicle. Transform the fire station into a fire truck and head out to be a hero. There's a kitten stuck in a tree—put up the extension ladder! Place firefighters Frankie and Fiona on the Talking Point location to hear sound effects, music and phrases about their roles as firefighters. Music & Sounds, Explore & Train and Rescue Mission play modes combine with three action buttons to create an imaginative and learning-packed play experience for little firefighters.


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Age Newborn to age 2
Age 3 to 4

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