Buckaroo Buckeye: A Little Nut with Big Dreams

Buckaroo Buckeye:  A Little Nut with Big Dreams

Kristin Anderson Cetone


When met with the hurtful words, "why you are a worthless nut just like the rest of us," Buckaroo Buckeye refused to believe this as the other buckeye nuts did. Buckaroo was determined to prove the other nuts wrong! There just had to be someplace out there that had the answer for him. Buckaroo Buckeye's belief in himself encouraged his dreams and passions and created his life journey. Let Buckaroo Buckeye encourage and inspire you to believe in yourself and your purpose and worth.


Juvenile Books (Level 1 - Ages 5 to 8)
Inspirational / Motivational


Age 3 to 4
Age 5 to 7
Age 8 to 10

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