Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!2

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!2

Jayne M. Rose-Vallee


“Rose-Vallee’s rhyming text flows in perfect rhythm and rhyme, and her vocabulary choices are unique enough to offer a comfortable challenge for Sabrina’s fellow first-grade readers. A great choice to highlight diverse friendships and believing in yourself – with a fun touch of dinosaurs.” -- Kirkus Reviews 2018
Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award 2019 -
"Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!2" takes a look at what happens when five friends discover what they share in common: first grade challenges, curly hair, and . . . dinosaurs!?! The fun begins when these "surprising similarities" help them find the courage to stand up to classroom bullies.
The imaginative illustrations in this sequel bring the fanciful tale to life and readers will enjoy a reassuring conclusion.

Rose-Vallee reads at elementary schools across the country promoting imagination, poetry, and self-esteem. The "DLIMH" book series funds Literacy for Kids, Inc. — a non-profit organization started in 2019.


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