Geometry Strategy®

Geometry Strategy®


First player to place their Sphere on the Bullseye is the winner. How hard can that be? Well, you got 1,2 or 3 opponents trying to stop you and take you out of the game. And your Sphere has no defense... First player to place their Sphere on the Bullseye wins. In your corner you got 10 beautiful and characteristic pieces to be your soldiers on the board; to eliminate the opponents’pieces and support your own. If you think this doesn’t sound hard enough, add a Red Zone where any player can change the conditions of the game. Completely. Now, either you get blind sided by these changes every time, or you play your game tactically. Discover how your game skills unlock more depth and dimensions in this brand new board game!


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Age 14 to 17
Age 18 to 20
Age 21+

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