Mushroom Garden

Mushroom Garden


Innovative and educational. Rock It! Roll It! Spin It! Great fun for toddlers and children. Early educational toy with colorful light-up mushrooms to learn numbers, colors and play music. Skills learned include numbers, colors, music, hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination, music, logical thinking, motor functions, concentration, problem-solving, dexterity, and memory.

- Count the white dots on the mushroom and learn numbers.
- Learn colors with light-up mushrooms and wacky sounds.
- Rock it to play melodies and/or press the mushrooms and be creative.
- Find numbers, colors and play memory games. Patterns get longer as you progress.
- 2 levels of volume adjustments.


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Age Newborn to age 2
Age 3 to 4
Age 5 to 7

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