Learning Clock

Learning Clock


"What time is it?" The smartest interactive talking clock toy to engage youngsters on how to read the clock with the movable hour hand and minute hand to the minute! Durable toy and its interactivity are essential to keep children absorbed in Quiz Mode! Also as a musical and colorful nightlight in sleepy time.

- Tells the time in different ways such as o'clock, minutes after/before, halves, quarters.
- Quiz mode for challenges.
- Plays 10 classical music and acts as a nightlight with 12 options plus a timer up to 60 minutes.
- 4 color lights: red, orange, green, and blue.
- Easy-to-read clock with movable clock hands.


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Age 3 to 4
Age 5 to 7
Age 8 to 10

Retail Price: $29.99

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