Jimmy and Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon

Jimmy and Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon

Ian Sadler


This colorful, humorous adventure reveals the unusual daily eating habits of the moon-dwelling Lunatrons. Twins Jimmy and Jane discover that its these habits that give the moon its yellowish tinge visible on a dark, starry night. But when the Lunatrons regular lunar diet is disrupted, that once yellow tinge morphs into green, orange and an ever -widening array of colors and patterns. How did this happen? How will the Lunatrons respond to Jimmy & Jane’s special treats? Includes Question & Activity pages to open conversation about friendship, helping others, and explore creativity in mixing colors and making new ones. Strong endorsements from teachers, parents, school librarians.

The “Rhyme, Laugh and Learn” series offers readers a journey of fun and laughter through creative rhyme and vibrant illustrations. The memorable language and whimsical images provide a truly entertaining way to learn, gently absorbing some basic life lessons – be a friend, work hard to succeed, be comfortable with who you are.


Children's Picture Books
Developing Social Skills


Age 3 to 4
Age 5 to 7
Age 8 to 10

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