Circle of Happiness

Circle of Happiness

Ingrid Klass


Mae is spending a day at the park with her family, which is fun...until it's not. She becomes bored and irritated by her annoying little brother and the pesky mosquitoes that abound. She believes that if only she were somewhere else, she could be happy. When a monkey appears and leads her through a circle in the air into another world, Mae is excited to begin an adventure that will help her to find happiness. Almost immediately she regrets her decision—the new world is hot and sticky and has even more mosquitoes. Now she thinks she would be happier back home. Mae's adventure takes a series of unexpected twists as she meets an array of colorful characters, all of whom teach her valuable lessons about what it is that will truly make her happy—no matter where she is.

This book introduces middle and high school students to the fundamentals of Eastern philosophy in a fun and engaging way. The storyline, centered on the problem of how to find happiness, will draw them in and help them find connection with the concepts. The lessons they learn as they follow Mae on her journey will stay with them for a lifetime.


Young Adult Books
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Age 11 to 13
Age 14 to 17

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