Laughter Includes the Word

Laughter Includes the Word

Doug Snelson


Spanning more than five decades, award winning author and literacy champion Doug Snelson shares, from his larger overall collection, a selection of verse reflecting his unique poetic perspective on the special and everyday events of his life.

Included in the collection are copies of original handwritten drafts as well as original typewritten drafts from his Olivetti-Underwood typewriter. Each poem is accompanied by a comment about the circumstances of its composition and the year it was written.

“The poems of Doug Snelson came as a surprise. I embraced their originality from the moment I began reading them, one by one. I was immediately taken by Snelson’s individualistic view of things and his ability to make our old words work again, even to sing. His distinctive vision, with its emphasis on the ordinary life around us, is well worth the reading. This poet accomplishes what every poet should aspire toward—he instructs on how to see and hear with aplomb."

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“My hope is for you to find and enjoy a friendship with one of my poems—perhaps a phrase or a line or a feeling. My hope is you will create your own expression via the world of words. My hope is we all will learn the exact meaning of words so we can understand each other better. “ DS (from the Introduction)


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