The Bookseller's Daughter

The Bookseller's Daughter

Steven E. Burt


From Bram Stoker Award Winner and 5-time Mom's Choice gold medalist Steve Burt
Winner of the 2019 New York Book Festival Grand Prize for fiction
Could Things Get Any Weirder in Wells, Maine?
Working at Annie's Book Stop, Keegan has read plenty of mysteries. But she's never been part of one. Until now.
It starts when someone—or some THING—burglarizes a different local bookstore, Toil & Trouble, stealing an obscure book of little interest except possibly to a collector.
It gets stranger when someone appearing to be a hunchbacked nun comes to Annie's Book Stop to order a reprint of the same book—and two books on local graveyards! But before they can be picked up, a robed and hooded figure breaks into Annie's after hours and rifles through the special-orders shelf. Is there more to this book than meets the eye?
More questions come up, but the most important one is: Can Keegan survive long enough to unravel the big secrets of her small town?


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