With the Courage of a Mouse

With the Courage of a Mouse

Donna Sager Cowan


With The Courage Of A Mouse follows the path of Catt the Cat, as she unexpectedly lands in Sweet Meadows, and Simon Cheddar, a mouse with a plan and a destiny, as they maneuver through a tricky friendship and Superhero School together. 

The book focuses on such redeeming messages as courage, friendship, kindness, meeting challenges head on, the new meaning of being homeless, and finding the superhero inside us all, also serving as an incredible adventure story to save Catt.

The Superhero School Series (meant for school-age children, ages 7-12) also touches on common life themes and challenges with humor, patience, and self-improvement techniques


Juvenile Books (Level 2 - Ages 9 to 12)
Fiction - General


Age 5 to 7
Age 8 to 10
Age 11 to 13

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