MagPlate Magnetic Baseplates

MagPlate Magnetic Baseplates


Removable? Check. Magnetic? Check. LEGO-clutch-fit guaranteed? Check. MagPlates check all the boxes! With a powerful magnetic backing, MagPlates instantly adhere and create a building space on any magnetic surface. Whether you use just one or build a whole wall, the construction-grade magnet ensures that the MagPlate won’t slip and slide as kids build.

Completely removeable and reusable, MagPlates are the ideal solution for non-permanent makerspaces. No Glue Required, simply find a magnetic surface (white boards, filing cabinets, refrigerators, etc.) and start playing … the options are unlimited!

Encourages STEM/STEAM learning, vertical play and creative, play based learning for children aged 5-12+


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