Frog's Rainy-Day Stories and Other Fables

Frog's Rainy-Day Stories and Other Fables

Michael James Dowling


Teaches life-giving biblical values to the next generation. Through eight imaginative and thought-provoking tales, this captivating book delivers a catalyst for honest family conversation teaching important truths about God’s word. The lively characters become fast friends and everyday teachers of sound values including integrity and honesty. A creative glossary helps younger children learn the more challenging words. Downloadable “Burrowing Deeper” offers a free study-guide for children, youth, adults and families. 72-page hard cover book is enriched with 50 colorful illustrations. Created by husband and wife team eager to share this message through a children’s book that is beneficial to all generations at home, in the church and in schools. Strong endorsements have been received across all segments in the Christian and secular communities.


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Religion & Spirituality


Age 3 to 4
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Age 8 to 10
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