Advanced Funny Machines Chain Reaction Game

Advanced Funny Machines Chain Reaction Game


This colorful chain reaction game can be used to construct three stable chain reaction models, for ages 7 and up. The chain reactions include funny, imaginative combinations and sequences of multiple different physical effects. The domino effects, for instance, include cableways, catapults or falling weights that set the colorful, action-packed chain reactions in motion. Builders can construct three exciting designs using the building instructions. But that’s definitely not the end of the fun. It’s just the beginning. Get creative: design and build the longest, most exciting chain reactions you can think of. You can let your imagination run wild as you construct different variations, tricks and reactions. There are countless ideas and possibilities for getting a chain reaction rolling – but watch out, and build carefully: Even the tiniest nudge might accidentally set your chain reaction going.
Of course, you can also get creative and integrate other objects into your designs alongside fischertechnik components – turn any child's room into a huge chain reaction arena.


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