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Shifu Tacto


Shifu Tacto blends the fun of board games with digital gameplay. It will be launched in June 2020 in the market.


Unravel the mysteries of chemistry hands-on
Learn about different elements of the periodic table
Create compounds with two or more elements
Adjust temperature to create chemical reactions
Ages 7 - 12
Skills: chemical bonds, structural formulas, cause and effect


Use analytical thinking on an interplanetary mission
Design a path to reflect, split and dodge lasers to accomplish each mission
Solve 50+ challenges with physics concepts of reflection and refraction
Ages 7 - 12
Skills: spatial reasoning, analytical thinking, creativity


Gear up to go on a quest that requires attention to detail and problem-solving skills
Each figurine corresponds to a special power that will help at every step to uncover hidden gems in the forests of Shazu
Ages 4 - 12
Skills: analytical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving

Snakes and Ladders

The classic board game of snakes and ladders comes alive with dazzling digital play!
Rattle and roll the dice to begin a breathtaking adventure
Dodge the swirling snakes using the shifting ladders
Strategize and outwit your opponents for a fantastic win
Ages 4 - 12
Skills: Strategy, Counting


Children Ages 4-12

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$ 59.99
Pricing notes: No in-app purchases

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