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Orbital Velocity

$ 19.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: tweens and teens

Orbital Velocity is a 2 or 4 player board game that plays in about 30 minutes for players ages 10+. You can learn to play and set up in just a few mins. In this game, you are a rocket scientist jointly operating with others to deploy satellites into orbits. While you play you realize how much fun Math and Science are. In this game, you use arithmetic, primes, probabilities, combinatorials, and memory. In addition to exploring orbital physics, you can learn Artificial Intelligence, where you can create your own AI to play this game.

In this game, we have tried to balance the fun aspect of science. Here are 4 ways in which we have tried to bring the science

1. Reaching the exact velocity: The game is all about "Orbital Velocity". It is the speed at which the rocket must fly before it can release a satellite. If it is too fast the satellite will fly to outer space, and if it is slow the satellite will crash to the earth. The game is all about accelerating the rocket to an exact number.

2. Orbital Velocities: The orbital velocities that are used in the game itself are not real to adjust for gameplay. However, the higher orbits will have lower orbital velocity, which is counter-intuitive. We have explained the physics in the rule book.

3. Orbits: The orbit's names used in the game are real. We have used LEO, MEO, GEO, Molniya and L2. Each of these orbits are explained in some detail in the rulebook.

4. Rough Vs Fine: It is easier to accelerate a rocket coarsely, but finer adjustments are harder. This fine braking phase is where the Indian Satellite failed to land on the moon recently. We have tried to bring this in the game with the cards. You will get large cards more frequently than smaller cards (for fine adjustments)

5. AI - We want to take the learning to the next level, so we are designing an AI workshop where you can build your own AI to play this game. Here is the link:

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