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The Bedtime Bunny

$ 19.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: preschool

The Bedtime Bunny motivates young kids to go to bed – and stay there – using the power of magic (and occasional rewards!). In this engaging and fun story, children learn why all the magic creatures need them to stay in their beds, even the unicorns and baby dragons. After reading the book, children leave the included carrot outside their front door, with their names and bedtimes on the back. A magic Bedtime Bunny will come hopping while they are asleep, and might leave little surprises for them to find in the mornings (but only if the kids are in their beds!).

The Bedtime Bunny uses the evidence-based behavior strategy of positive reinforcement to motivate young children to stay in bed.

1. Sets Expectations:
The book tells the story of why all the magical creatures need children to go to bed. The bunny won’t leave a surprise if kids aren’t in bed!

2. Child is Part of the Process:
Children write their names and bedtimes on the magic carrot included with each book, and leave it by the front door to request their own Bedtime Bunny.

3. Occasional, Small Rewards:
Initially, small rewards should be frequent to reinforce good bedtime behaviors. Over time, rewards can be more random or just on special occasions. Even the smallest treat – a few sprinkles in a bag, a note by the door – can bring so much joy to little ones.

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