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The Princess and the Valley Man

$ 12.30
MCA Silver Award
Audience: Young adults

The Princess and the Valley Man, is a children’s adventure story, which revolved around the characters Solis and Luna. Solis is a resident of a community who lives in a location known as Death Valley. Solis lives a relatively simple life and gains a lot of enjoyment out of helping tourists who visit his home. Luna is a princess, who visits the valley on a holiday. 
Solis’s and Luna’s lives interconnect, when Luna visits Solis’s cabin, where they befriend each other. After getting to know each other over the New Year’s celebration, Solis invites Luna to accompany him on a great adventure, to which Luna agrees. 
The remainder of the story follows the two protagonists’ journey across the Sea of Sand, where they encounter a mysterious ghost town. Inside the town, an old man warns them of the dangers they face, and advises them on a path they should take to get back to Death Valley Palace. 
After barely escaping the ghost town in time, Solis and Luna follow the old man’s advice and head to the Land of Moving Rocks, cross an ancient lake, traverse the Panamint Mountains, travel through the Canyon of Marble, travel through a tunnel/cave to the Meadow of Gold, which they barely manage to cross with their lives. Danger and the possibility of death meet them in every region, and it is only by sheer luck and determination that they escape all the challenges that face them on their journey. Along the way, Solis and Luna meet a new friend named Kiko, a talking roadrunner, who helps them find their way home to Death Valley. 
The adventure ends, when the three heroes make it safely home. Here Solis and Luna embrace their love for each other, and agree to go on many more adventures. 
Luna and Solis will see many National Parks and learn about the unique features of each place they visit. Children can follow along in the book and visit the same places as in the books on their own journey through our National Parks. They will have boundless adventures, make some new friends, and learn about wildlife, ecology, and history of the National Parks with a twist of fantasy mixed in on their mystic journeys.

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