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BAKOBA Creator

$ 74.00
MCA Gold Award
Audience: preschool

In order for creative play to thrive, children must be presented with toys that inspire them to use their imagination.
This way of playing is called "open-ended play". Which is exactly what BAKOBA is!
BAKOBA's building blocks are made from an extremely durable, yet safe and flexible material. The blocks do not look like anything in particular, until they are put together by the children. I love that when kids start playing with BAKOBA, in the beginning there is just a big bundle of blocks, but quickly it turns into cars, parking lots, animal kingdoms and many other things.

Open ended play allows children to express their creativity freely. This kind of play gives the child endless possibilities. There are no instructions or rules the child must follow. Unlike “fixed” games and activities, there is no right answer or right way to end. In open ended play, children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and fully engage their creativity and imagination. This is a great way for kids to develop their self-esteem and become more independent, which will help them become responsible adults later in life. And because of this, BAKOBA is a great educational toy for kids in many different age groups.

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