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$ 199.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Families, everyone ages 4+

Vitapod is a beautifully designed, in-home drink system that transforms tap water into delicious, healthy, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant infused beverages that restore and refuel the body and mind, made fresh in seconds with the touch of a button.

90% of people do not get the nutrients they need every day, which means the typical diet is missing key vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, all of which are essential to optimal health. Vitapod is for all families, but specifically targeted at those who want healthy hydration and more complete nutrition, so you can feel your best each day.

Vitapod beverages help fill this gap in daily nutrition with delicious drinks, transforming tap water with a revolutionary in-home drink system. It delivers more complete daily nutrition with antioxidants from decaffeinated green tea extract.

Rigorously formulated by a board of health scientists, headed by David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM, each pod has a purpose - to provide healthy hydration, more complete nutrition and a range of functional benefits along with phenomenal taste.

The full range of pods include Hydra+, Sports+, Iced Tea+, Energy+, Beauty+ and Immunity+, all freshly blended to combine delicious taste with the science of health.

Vitapod filters ordinary tap water and releases the power of our unique blend of electrolytes, flavonoids, up to fifteen under-consumed nutrients and powerful plant-based antioxidants, which are essential for optimal health.

Ordinary gravity filters pass the water through only one round of filtration, leaving contaminants behind. The revolutionary Vitapod machine features ‘Continuous Filtration,’ passing the water through multiple times, so your drinks are always crisp, clean and refreshing.

The other key advantage being the money this will save your family. The average American household spends $850 a year on soft drinks. This is the same as spending $2.33 a day on soft drinks. US consumers can enjoy 1, 500ml, Vitapod drink a day for 50% less ($1.17 a drink), that’s a $430 saving a year.

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