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Watch Your Mouth USB charger safety covers

$ 12.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: adults supervising children 5 and under

Keeping USB chargers plugged in between use is the new normal. It is also a hazard. Over 200 children 0-5 are rushed to the ER annually in the US for shock or burn by the free end of plugged in chargers. When your USB charger remains connected to a power source but not charging a device, current continues to flow through that wire. The charger’s free metal tip can release this current to an unintended source – such as a child’s hand or mouth – and this can cause devastating injury. With Work From Home and Virtual Learning, along with the rise in consumers purchasing their chargers from online third party markets, exposure to this hazard had never been greater.

When we saw our son put the free end of a plugged-in charger in his mouth, we were reminded of cases we had studied as a dentist and neurologist of children who experienced disfiguring injury and long-term trauma as a result of doing just what Geddy had done. He was fine, but we were not. We searched the market for a safety device to mitigate this hazard. There was nothing to be found.

Watch Your Mouth (WYM) was developed by doctors and engineers. It is a child-safe USB charger safety cover for the free end of your charger. Our child-resistant closure allows you to keep your charger plugged-in while keeping its hazardous end out of reach from curious little hands and mouths. WYM is made of ‘no small parts' here in the USA of BPA-free non-toxic polypropylene. Our color options are muted so as not to attract a young child’s eye. It is truly a new standard in child safety.

WYM is a simple device that reduces the opportunity for electrical injury, and we have received incredible support from leaders in safety throughout North America. With a snap, parents can encapsulate the free end of the charger that is otherwise dangling in a child's line of sight. And, WYM saves your skin too! About half the cases we studied involved adults who received skin ulcerations from accidental extended skin contact with the tip of the charger.

We offer a variety of color options. Each package includes three (3) safety covers, each cover can contain 2 chargers. WYM is compatible with most standard USB chargers including but not limited to USB-C, Lightning, Micro and Mini USBs.

While we promote the gold standard of unplugging, for those who choose not to (the vast majority), our safety cover provides for parents the convenience of keeping their chargers connected and their children protected.

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