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Eating in Season

$ 14.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: 2+

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, there is a good time to eat them all! Match each pair of vegetables or fruits while learning about their favorite time of the year. This memory game shows kids that eating fresh food in season is healthier for their bodies – and the planet.

Eating in Season gives parents and caregivers a fun way to teach children ages 2+ about the importance of choosing seasonal produce. The cards feature cute cartoon foods, with backgrounds showing which season is best for eating each one (a grinning broccoli skis in the winter and a cheerful eggplant swims at the beach in the summer). While playing Eating in Season, children learn to associate fruits and veggies with the time of year when they are most available, leading to family discussions about the importance of choosing seasonal produce, and how to eat more sustainably.

Learning to eat this way has many benefits to the environment:
- Out-of-season food travels vast distances before arriving at the grocery story. By eating seasonally, families reduce their carbon footprint and support local agriculture.
- In addition to the fossil fuels required to transport food, pesticides and preservatives are needed to keep produce fresh on the long journey. By choosing seasonal food grown locally, we can reduce the chemicals we consume.
- Seasonal produce is harvested at its peak, when it contains the most nutrients and vitamins and is most delicious. Eating in harmony with the cycles of nature teaches us a greater appreciation for the land.

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