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Skim 'N Score

$ 49.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: 6 and up due to skill level needed to hit target

Waterline Toys takes Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner SkimBe®, along with other industry award recognitions, to new levels of fun and play with it’s new add-on game, Skim ‘N Score! Skim ‘N Score takes award-winning SkimBe game play to a whole new level. Skim ‘N Score includes two SkimBe’s and a folding scoring mat that is water-resistant and snaps open for game play on almost any flat, outdoor surface. SkimBe is a 10” polyurethane disc with a patented rocker bottom that is soft to the touch and durable, creating fun for families and friends of all ages. Skim ‘N Score’s game play blends the finesse of shuffle board and the skill of disc golf. With a flick of the wrist, or a cross-body motion, players send SkimBe sliding across the slick surface toward’s the Skim ‘N Score’s target in an attempt to land closest to the center of the mat and scoring a “bullseye”. Play is enhanced with strategy and skill with discs bumping each other off the mat in an effort to gain the most points. The Skim ‘N Score mat has four scoring targets – the “Bullseye” worth 50 points, the inner rings scoring 10 and 20 points and the outer ring worth 5 points. The first player to reach 50 points, wins the game. Skim ‘N Score has bonus playing time as SkimBe works on snow and ice but also grass and slick floors. Making it truly a four-season toy! Year-round Fun! SkimBe can skip, skim, slide and jump across any wet or smooth surface. SkimBe works on water, ice, snow, wet turf and even on your carpet and slick floors! Truly four seasons of fun. Skim ‘N Score is SkimBe’s play elevated!

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