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BHK's MaMa Calcium EX Tablets

$ 15.30
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Women who are pregnant or lactating

BHK's is the leading healthy supplementation brand from Taiwan with trustworthy nutritionists as our R&D team. We are recommended by professional pharmacists and have attentively taken care of over hundreds of thousands of moms in Taiwan and other countries. We are dedicated to pregnant women’s health from preparing pregnancy to postpartum care. Our products are based on the tenet of "sufficient dose and sensible result with no unnecessary additives". We have passed safety inspections from raw material selections to product manufacturing processes.

During pregnancy, mom’s body needs extra calcium because the developing baby needs calcium to form their teeth and bones. If the mom doesn’t get enough calcium, the baby absorbs the calcium from mom’s bones and teeth. The calcium deficiency leads to mom’s night time cramp and trouble sleeping.

BHK's MaMa Calcium EX Tablets contain amino acid chelated Calcium with the most effective absorption, which helps to maintain the baby’s normal development and health of bones and teeth. The ratio of Calcium to Magnesium is 2:1, which makes the absorption up to 80% so the body can easily and efficiently get the calcium.

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