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Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA

$ 49.00
MCA Silver Award
Audience: Pregnant and breast-feeding women

Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA soft gels were developed specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women and their special needs. This unique product combines the prized, traditional Chinese ingredient, Edible Bird’s Nest and the essential fatty acid, DHA. Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA provides important support for proper health and development of the fetus or breastfed infant.

Edible Bird’s Nest’s most important compound, Sialic Acid has shown to play an important role in the development of the fetus’ brain and to support the mother’s immune system during pregnancy. DHA supports proper growth and development of the fetus’ brain and plays a vital role in how well a child develops and functions. Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is a unique formula, combining traditional DHA supplementation and innovative active ingredient of Edible Bird’s Nest.

Traditional food supplements for pregnancy are often multivitamin and multimineral formulas and often provide a low DHA amount. Moreover, these products are usually in a format of traditional tablets and soft gels that are not optimal for pregnant women, as a result of fishy taste and smell, large size and tendency to produce an unpleasant reflux. Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is in a unique chewable format, that is easy to take, tastes delicious and provides a greater bioavailability of DHA. Recent studies suggest that chewable form of fish oil supplement provides better DHA absorption, compared to the traditional swallowed soft gels. Based on available evidence, the oily DHA preparation is naturally emulsified with the saliva during chewing. Human studies show that fish oil emulsification increases DHA bioavailability, by improving its digestion.

Pregnancy is a unique and vulnerable period of woman’s life and it is particularly important to provide pregnant women with well-accepted and trusted products, in order to ensure high compliance and to ensure necessary nutrients for mother and baby. Mom’s Garden® Prenatal Bird’s Nest DHA is an excellent and unique product which provides pregnant women with the necessary ingredients they need, in a tasty and convenient format that they can trust.

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