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Princess Luna Liver Health

$ 25.00
MCA Silver Award
Audience: Women

The liver is an important organ which performs over 500 functions, including detoxifying harmful substances, breaking down fat, storing glycogen and metabolizing hormones. When we don’t get enough sleep, which is often the case for new moms, this impacts the liver’s ability to function properly. Princess Luna® Liver Health helps to protect the liver and to ensure proper function.

Princess Luna® Liver Health contains a unique and complete combination of key nutrients that promote natural detoxification, replenish the liver's defenses, and help restore optimal liver health. Milk Thistle promotes healthy liver function and Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, that is clinically proven to improve liver function. Vitamins C, B2 and Selenium contribute to the reduction of fatigue and protect liver cells from oxidative stress. Princess Luna® Liver Health is enriched with clinically proven heat-treated probiotics that synergistically act with other ingredients, promoting healthy gut flora. Scientific evidence highlights that microbiota has an important role in the evolution of liver disorders, and that modulation of the microbiota is effective in the management of liver disorders.

Since our liver plays a key role in the healthy functioning of many other organs, a healthy liver promotes whole body wellness.

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