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Soothing Snuggler

$ 39.99
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: 45.99 with t-shirt
Audience: toddlers thru tweens

The Soothing Snuggler is a talking teddy bear that teaches evidence-based social-emotional learning skills like emotional expression, deep-breathing, and grounding exercises in a kid-friendly way.

Sometimes, kids don’t really know how to calm down on their own. The Soothing Snuggler teaches calming and soothing strategies through gentle play, which is how children learn and communicate best. Deep-breathing is taught by asking children to practice 'sniffing a flower and blowing up a balloon'. Grounding exercises (tools that help you stay present in the moment and separate you from the distress of your emotional state) are taught by prompting children to describe their environment using all of their senses. All children experience stress even when we don’t see it. It’s so important to teach them actual strategies they can use when they are feeling overwhelmed.

No matter what their age, all kids need practice identifying, understanding, and managing their emotions. All children have big emotions, but many don’t have the words to talk about how they’re feeling. The Soothing Snuggler gives children the opportunity to think about how they’re feeling, to label their emotion(s), and encourages them to talk through their experiences. In doing so, they not only strengthen their emotional expression, but also improve their capacity for problem solving, empathy, and relationship building.

With the countless challenges that our children have faced as a result of the pandemic, it is now more important than ever that we provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Not only is the Soothing Snuggler cute, soft, and snuggly - it also teaches life-long skills that help children develop into healthier and more resilient humans.

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