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If Puppies had Pockets

$ 12.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, first

If puppies had pockets, what would they do? This little board book reveals all the answers. And includes a spot for your child to be included in the story.

If Puppies Have Pockets was inspired by Lyn Willy’s own dog, Gunnar. One day, we were laughing and thought, what if that puppy had pockets? He could take his toys everywhere. And the book was written.

Through an imaginative, adorable, and beautifully illustrated story, Lyn Willy hopes young readers will embrace the gift of laughter. At Lyn Willy we want kids to know that it’s okay for them just to be kids and to laugh. That’s the principle behind all our books. They will have plenty of time to learn lessons and do all that stuff, but sometimes for a kid, it’s just important to laugh.

We have a pretty simple philosophy that we try to accomplish each day. Change one frown to a smile and elevate one smile to a laugh. Do this every day and you will have a great life.

From our home in rural Pennsylvania, Lyn Willy can see the miracles of nature and experience the joy of being surrounded by animals each day. The animals are very much a part of who we are as authors and how we write. We see the humor in the silly things that our animal friends do, and we try to relay that to others, both young and old. The writing style of Lyn Willy is one which allows kids to be silly and imaginative and simply have fun.

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