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Rift Ball Dual Net Paddle Game

$ 89.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Children, teens, adults

The new Rift Ball is an exciting update to the classic two player net game where players engage in a fast paced rift to keep the ball in play.

Creative Brainworks’ mission is to connect people through experiences. In a time when social interpersonal engagement often gets pushed to the wayside for social media or digital games, the new Rift Ball provides a fun way for individuals to physically connect. Riftball is a unique game that has a specially designed adjustable dual net game system for twice the fun.

The game includes 2 Riftball Nets (for play by 2 people at each net), 2 game paddles, 2 Riftballs, and a handy carry bag to store the game components and to provide convenient portability. Each net features two adjustable net systems that create an opening or a "Rift" giving players the control of their game play by adjusting their game play opening with a larger or narrower opening...creating different levels of difficulty. Innovative metal construction with specially designed elastic inside poles provide easy set up and take down.

Rift Ball is the perfect outdoor game this spring and summer and can be played anywhere - in the backyard, at the beach, tailgating, on college campuses, at the campground, and more. The game is played between two players, with one player on each side of the net and no closer than 4 feet from the net. Each player has their own Riftball game paddle and a coin toss determines who serves to begin the game. The first serve should be underhand and below the waist. The game then ensues to keep the Riftball in play from player to player. Points are scored by the player who hits the ball across the net and the ball is unable to be returned. Game play is to 11 points, with the winner winning by 2 points.

RIftball Dual Net Paddle Ball game combines interactive fun that will bring friends, neighbors and families together with its competitive game play. MSRP $89.99 from Amazon.

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