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Empower Empathy

$ 79.99
MCA Silver Award
Audience: K-12

Empower Empathy™ is the first in line of Emotional Intelligence products created by TinySprouts© that bridges the professional therapeutic tools and tabletop gaming. It brings the evidence-based strategies from the clinical and research settings into a practical and fun way for the families to play while learning valuable life lessons. Along with an engaging and fun board game, it comes with a guidebook for teachers and parents to teach children socialization skills, emotional awareness, and the power of empathy in their daily lives when they’re not playing the board game.

The backstory of the board game has an evil, but sort of cute, villain named Goobi sets out to create emotional chaos all over the city of Empathropolis™. Players cooperatively work together as a team of Superheroes to hopefully repair the city faster than Goobi can destroy it.

Our Teaching Approach comprises of 4 Principals:

- Step into unique City Watch™ Scenarios to be mindful of thoughts, feelings, and actions
- Master emotional awareness and facial mimicry with 28 different feelings
- Sharpen communication through self-reflection with Power-Up™ cards
- Exercise empathy every day with our easy-to-use evidence-based exploration guidebook

Age: 5+
Players: 2-6
Time: 30-60 minutes

At Tiny Sprouts, we're prioritizing quality and aesthetic over cost efficiency in our production. All of our game components are semi-handmade with multiple layers of compressed cardboard. Everything is 100% sourced sustainably, toxin-free, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Sustainability is one of our top concerns. All of our game components are 100% recyclable. Most of the game is made of paper products that meet international and national standards for toxic-free sourcing (SGS/CE/FDA). Our box is also designed in a way so that all components can be compacted into a smaller more efficiently used space in order to minimize the carbon footprint during logistics and transportation.

We only work with artisan suppliers and partners who are small family-fun businesses that take pride in their workmanship. Produced in sweatshop-free environments, our products are partially hand-made, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and thoroughly inspected before final release. 10% of our proceeds goes to support the Orphan Outreach to build schools and support education in rural parts of the world.

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