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Dear Momma...

$ 12.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Dr Catherine Murphy
Audience: Picture book for all ages, infants to grandparents

Dear Momma... is a story about a mother's journey with breastfeeding. Paired with heartwarming illustrations, this book captures the sweet, raw emotions of new motherhood with a message of empowerment. It is written in a format that both adults and children can understand, connect with, and appreciate.

Dear Momma... is also the perfect gift for:
• new moms
• moms struggling on their breastfeeding journey
• moms making tough decisions about their baby's tongue tie/ tethered oral tissues
• moms in need of the reminder that their maternal intuition may whisper, but is powerful
• moms that struggled feeding their baby or babies
• moms in need of a virtual hug.

The story is written from the infant's point of view. This journey from struggling to nurse to thriving is the story behind the story for the author. The author is an orthodontist on a mission to decrease the need for braces. The author, Dr. Catherine Murphy, is transforming her career. She views the crooked teeth as a symptom of an underlying cause, a cause that is often detectible early: mouth breathing. The pediatrician dismissed concerns regarding her son's inability to breathe through his nose. The pediatrician replied, "Some kids are just like that. You're a geriatric mom who worries too much. Go home and enjoy your child."
Catherine was at a crossroads. Rather than ignoring her maternal instinct, she decided to follow it and find some answers.
Dr. Murphy hopes to alleviate the stress and strain on new mommas by sharing her journey. She understands that seeking answers for the "WHY" behind the condition/concern can come with hurdles. Her desire is to empower mommas to follow their gut, trust their connection with their child and seek collaborative care for their health concerns. Dr. Murphy promotes life enhancing treatments, rather than short term solutions.

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