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Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound!

$ 17.08
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Dr. Drew Palacio
Pricing Notes: Hardcover, $11.48 Paperback
Audience: Early Aged Children

Young Julien’s favorite thing to do is to hunker down under a big oak tree and read about his comic book hero, Bluebullet. But when chirps and caws and buzzing interrupt his quiet reading time, Julien boils over in frustration. How can he calm himself down? Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Drew Palacio brings an entertaining and clever story about dealing with big feelings with his new rhyming picture book, Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound.

With school over and homework done, Julien reads his treasured comic book, Bluebullet (Issue 161), under the oak tree in quiet solitude. Well, that is until the sounds of a crow drag his attention away from his hero squaring off against his arch villain, Slime Sage. Annoyed, Julien tries to refocus back to the comic but he is quickly interrupted once again by noisy bumblebees buzzing around him.

As more animals and their clamor distract Julien—even a little chef pig, preparing her dinner and doing a jig—Julien’s emotions erupt, his rage getting the best of him as he cries and yells.

“I JUST WANT TO READ!” he cried, and he roared! No one had ever heard a kid scream so loud before. Julien kicked at the ground, sending dirt flying. Then he sank to the grass, worn out and crying.

Incredibly, Bluebullet himself appears before Julien, beckoned by the boy’s distress, and he has a message. The comic book hero tells Julien, when he’s feeling frustrated, to take a deep breath, try to ignore the sounds and bothers that frustrate him, and calm himself with thoughts of better times and things that make him happy.

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