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LuvClip® Nail Clippers

$ 24.95
MCA Gold Award
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Audience: Parents of Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Children

Would you like to trim your baby's nails, quickly and easily without risk of injury or fear?
Would you like nail clipping to always be peaceful and struggle-free for you and your child?


LuvClip nail clippers which revolutionize the art of clipping someone's nails by providing the precision and accuracy necessary to make it safe, quick, easy and worry-free.

LuvClip Nail Clippers are the first and only nail clippers that eliminate the risk of injury from accidentally cutting the highly sensitive skin around the nail. They deliver precision and accuracy with a Micro-Precision Adjustment Dial that allows you to adjust the blade-gap so that it is the SAME thickness as your child's nails, even paper-thin tiny infant nails. When ONLY the nail fits between the blades, there is no room for the skin! Now you can clip nails without fear or worry because you won't accidentally cut or injure their delicate skin.  

All regular nail clippers have a fixed blade-gap that is large enough to easily allow the nail AND the sensitive skin to fit between the cutting blades. Even those designed for babies with lights, a magnifying glass and large plastic handles are built using regular nail clippers with a fixed blade-gap. This is why using regular nail clippers on your child, especially a tiny new-born, is so scary!

LuvClip nail clippers are the first and only nail clippers on the market to provide the precision and accuracy you need to ONLY cut the nail, and never cut the skin, even on the tiniest newborn infant with paper-thin nails.


Instead of struggling with your baby or child to get them to hold still because you are afraid, you can relax and trim nails quickly, easily and safely.

Instead of having children that are afraid and resistant to nail trimming because they have been hurt in the past, eliminate the risk of ever injuring them so they will never be afraid.

Instead of being tense and worried about hurting your child (which causes your child to tense up also), you can each relax and be playful, cuddly and fearless as you trim their nails.


LuvClip nail clippers are absolutely the best product on the market to use when trimming the nails of someone else, from a tiny one day old baby to a 100 year old great-grand-parent. Once you try them, you'll never use anything else on your loved one.

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