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Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change

$ 16.79
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Angela Legh
Pricing Notes: $16.79 for paperback, $9.89 for Kindle version
Audience: Preteens

Recipient of Prestigious Awards: Immerse yourself in the world of Bella Santini, a captivating tale that has been honored with the Gold Medal from the Mom's Choice® Awards and the Golden Wizard Book Prize. This is a story that stands out, a true gem recognized for its excellence.

Unveil a Magical Adventure: Step into a realm of wonder and imagination as Bella Santini stumbles into the fairy kingdom, the Land of Everlasting Change. Join her on a spellbinding journey through enchanting landscapes, where she becomes an unexpected champion in the timeless struggle between good and evil.

Empowerment Through Emotions: Within the pages of this gripping fairy tale, young hearts will discover the transformative power of emotional resilience. Bella Santini's odyssey of self-discovery becomes a mirror for children to explore their emotions, equipping them with essential tools for emotional well-being that will last a lifetime.

A Journey of Self-Mastery: As Bella learns to process her emotions and confront formidable challenges, readers are invited to witness her growth, adaptability, and the blossoming strength of love. This isn't just a story—it's an empowering experience that guides young minds towards mastering their emotions and embracing life's uncertainties.

For Ages 8-14: The Bella Santini Chronicles are more than just books; they're companions for the young explorers of life's complexities. Designed for ages 8-14, this transformative fairy tale series fearlessly tackles important issues like bullying and child abandonment. Each adventure is a stepping stone, leading to emotional growth and resilience.

Planting Seeds of Hope: This isn't just a fairy tale—it's a beacon of hope. Through Bella's adventures, children are gently shown that no matter their challenges, there's a path forward filled with courage, grace, and unwavering strength. The Bella Santini Chronicles nurture hearts, planting seeds of resilience and unconditional love.

Elevate Your Child's Imagination: Elevate your child's imagination and emotional intelligence with Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change. This timeless tale will inspire them to conquer obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity.

"It's a classic tale of transformation and overcoming adversity through friendship, trust, and love, in the template of the Harry Potter series." Taos News

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