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Swipe Swap Swindle

$ 29.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: kids, teens and adults

The fast-dealing, free-wheeling game of stealing and concealing 

Players use their yellow wager wafers to get up to seven cards from which to build their best five card hand. Each player also starts the game with an orange Swipe wafer, a purple Swap wafer, and a red Swindle wafer, which they can use whenever they're dealt a Swipe Swap Swindle Wild card in the "up" position: 

SWIPE wafers let you swipe a card from another player, so you get a card you want while that other player must play that round with one less card (but they get keep the Swipe wafer to use in a later round)

SWAP wafers let you swap one of your less desirable cards with any card you want from another player

SWINDLE wafers get you an extra card from the deck, so you can build your five card hand from eight cards, increasing your odds of winning by 15%!

With fast-dealing, free-wheeling, stealing and concealing, paired with many lead-changes and come-from behind victories, Swipe Swap Swindle is a blast!

Created by former Walt Disney Imagineer Dana Brown and former Disney Studios producer Chip Brown to help families and friends tech less and talk and play more. Watch the video at the bottom of this page for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Swipe Swap Swindle, why Dana and Chip made the game, and why people love playing it!


Swipe Swap Swindle's game components are high quality with 300gsm (thickness) poker-sized playing cards with air-cushion linen-finish, brightly-colored high quality wooden disks, a full-color instructions booklet, score pad and four Hierarchy of Hands charts so players can be sure to build their best hands. 

• 300gsm air-cushion linen-finish poker-sized Swipe Swap Swindle deck
• 42 wooden disks in 4 unique colors
• 4 Hierarchy of Hands charts
• Score pad
• 4-color game play instructions booklet
• Cool, compact two-piece box (no wasted "air" space!)

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