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Fini: The Beauty of a Broken Shell

$ 11.00
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Melitta Santos
Audience: Infants

A bestselling Paraguayan children’s fable shares the power of inner beauty… Now available in English!

A young turtle’s perceived flaw uncovers her kindness to others and teaches her the importance of self-love.

When young Fini the turtle takes a fall in the beautiful forests of Paraguay, the discovery of her broken shell leaves her feeling ugly and self-conscious. Who will want to be friends with her now? She seeks help from the woodland creatures who introduce her to animals who might fix her. Kindly Boris the tapir tries to cover it up with a too-big aquatic plant. Fini is patient while painfully shy Tom the Armadillo is coaxed out of his shell to suggest coconut shells for the turtle, but they are too small.

Then Bea the bee has Fini meet Ana the spider who weaves magical webs of beautiful lace. After waiting a week with her new friends, Fini is given a stunning ñandutí, a bright and beautiful fabric with designs more beautiful than the forest flowers around them. Fini feels more elegant than ever, and the spider explains that the magic of the ñandutí is that it reflects the inner beauty of its wearer. The kind turtle realizes that having a broken shell or even a beautiful ñandutí is not what’s important, what matters is our heart and what the people around us see inside.

A precious story that shares with young readers a glimpse into Paraguayan culture, values that will serve them in life, and the courage to chase their dreams.

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