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Banban's Worldwide Journey

$ 20.00
MCA Gold Award
Audience: toddlers

Banban's Worldwide Journey is a projector designed for children around the age of 3. The whole set of toys consists of two parts: a handheld projector and theme cards. The content projected on the card is the customs, architecture and food of different countries, so that children can explore and feel the cultures of different countries while playing. The appearance of the product is the shape of a hand-cranked projector and film. Interesting appearances are created through abstract geometric shapes to attract children's interest. In terms of color, the solid color combination of red, yellow, blue and orange that children prefer is used, which is in line with the color perception of three-year-old children. Different from the existing projection toys, which mostly switch between single pictures, this toy innovatively makes the content into continuous circular graphics, and children can play it in a loop like watching animation, thus enhancing the fun of the toy . This toy chooses a rocker that is easier for children to operate as the playback mechanism: it is more engaging than automatic playback, and easier to operate than toggle switching. Two modes: Nursery rhyme mode can guide children to explore the details of the picture through voice, and supports bilingual; silent mode helps parents guide children to explain the content of the picture, promotes parent-child relationship and helps improve children's expressive ability. Infrared sensor for eye protection: When the distance between the face and the projection lamp is less than the safe distance, the light will automatically turn off, avoiding damage to the children's eyes.

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