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$ 800.00
MCA Gold Award
Pricing Notes: through salesman
Audience: children aged 2-8

Jiligaga is an interactive English learning app designed to make language acquisition enjoyable and engaging. Our mission is to help children expand their knowledge, grow stronger, and explore the world with a brighter perspective while finding their own voice.

Why Choose Jiligaga?

1 Child Safety and Convenience:
Jiligaga provides a safe and ad-free learning environment, prioritizing the well-being of children during electronic device usage.
Our lessons are designed to be concise, requiring only 10-15 minutes per day, ensuring effective learning without overwhelming young learners.
The app is user-friendly, enabling children to navigate and learn independently.
Parents can easily track their child's progress by reviewing learning plans for each unit and lesson.

2 Fun and Engaging Lessons:
Our curriculum is developed by experienced educators and experts, aligning with the internationally recognized CEFR language standards.
Qualified native English teachers deliver engaging lessons through interactive games, songs, and videos that captivate children's interest in learning the alphabet and English language.
The 6-level course builds children's confidence in English while developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. From letters to words and sentences, they progress steadily.
With 240 lessons and 96 songs, children will master over 1000 words and 200 expressions.
Over 70 themes are available for exploration, including "All About Me," "Daily Life," "Nature and Science," and more, allowing children to discover the world and shine brightly.

3 Professional Teaching Approach:
The content is tailored to fit the cognitive and physical abilities of each age group, ensuring children learn at an appropriate level and pace.
Phonics lessons help children master the English alphabet and enhance their phonics proficiency, building a strong foundation for reading and writing.
AI technology and immersive learning provide authentic pronunciation guidance from native teachers, boosting children's confidence in speaking English.
Our systematic approach combats the "Forgetting Curve" by incorporating learning, practice, review, and quizzes, making learning more effective and efficient.

Jiligaga supports learning across multiple devices, including phones and tablets, allowing children to embark on their learning journey anytime, anywhere.

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