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Happy Nappy DUO

$ 24.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: babies, infants, toddlers to 3yrs

The Happy Nappy DUO, is the most technically advanced swim diaper on the market, developed by UK baby and children’s swimwear specialists Splash About.

The Happy Nappy DUO is a reusable 2-in-1 swim diaper; it effectively contains unwelcome accidents and is scientifically proven to destroy any fecal bacteria, including E.coli & Cryptosporidium which chlorine alone cannot kill, and once ingested in water are responsible for nasty tummy bugs and diarrhea.

Made from durable neoprene the DUO has snug, specialist fabric waist and thigh ribbing & a fixed gusset to prevent gaping, ensuring solids are contained long enough for you to exit the pool. Integrated inside the DUO is an innovative Silver Lining. Naturally anti-bacterial silver is soothing on baby skin but importantly it destroys any fecal bacteria present in the diaper, rendering it harmless. So now when it mixes with water or urine & seeps into the pool, it’s sterile, meaning cleaner water for all swimmers.

Today baby swim-schools in the UK & USA insist on a double diaper system to keep pool water clean. This is typically a neoprene outer diaper with a paper disposable. The DUO is so effective, it is approved by swim schools for wear without the need for a disposable diaper worn underneath.

Over 200,000 disposable swim diapers are used in UK baby swim classes every week - and millions more globally - with the Happy Nappy DUO, parents can ditch disposables with confidence, and help protect the environment.

Millions of diapers are thrown away annually where they can take up to 500years to decompose. Choosing the reusable DUO is a smart, eco-friendly choice.

The DUO is perfect on vacation, forget multiple changes of disposable diapers when little ones are in and out of the water; the reusable Happy Nappy DUO takes minimal space in a suitcase or changing bag. What’s more, the DUO provides UPF50+ sun protection, is quick drying, & its designs won’t fade in the sun or with prolonged use in chlorinated water.

At $24.99 the Happy Nappy DUO costs more than a pack of disposable swim diapers, but it's designed to fit a baby for 6-12months & of course can be handed on when it no longer fits.

Available in sizes from birth to 3 years in 10 beautiful designs, the Happy Nappy DUO is the only swim diaper a baby needs for a stress-free visit to the pool and is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable swim diapers.

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