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Loris Opens Up His Heart

$ 16.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Dagmara Sitek
Pricing Notes: 25.99 for hardcover, 7.34 for ebook
Audience: Primary School

Can your child understand BIG IDEAS like resilience and inner courage?
Yes, and "Loris Opens Up His Heart" is a delightful solution.

DISCLAIMER: "Loris Opens Up His Heart" — is here to touch your heart. It’s an educational and emotionally resonant story about Loris, a boy in foster care.

Loris will take you on a journey that might not make you laugh, but will certainly make you feel. Open your heart to a story that is an experience of courage, kindness, and overcoming fears.

"Loris Opens Up His Heart" is a treasure trove of values you want to teach your kids. It beautifully illustrates that true bravery and strength can come from the simple act of opening up their hearts.

Discover why Loris loves hiding in his hoodie!
Loris has a secret from his past, and his hoodie is his safe spot. In his new foster home, he's not into playing or joking, but when challenges pop up, Loris faces his fears like a superhero. His new family is in for a surprise!

Join Loris on his journey of transformation. What's behind the hoodie? Unfold the mystery with Loris!

Who is this book for?
This book is designed for ages 5 to 10. Perfect for beginner and young readers, it resonates with boys, girls, primary school students, teachers, and parents seeking a meaningful children's book.

If you and your child appreciate stories with depth and soul, this is the book for you!

As a special bonus, enjoy freebies - downloadable worksheets on emotional intelligence or bullying prevention, and more! Find your exclusive gifts on the author’s website.

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