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You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide

$ 35.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: K-5 children, teachers, adults

Bring social emotional learning into the classroom!

Thousands of schools, clinics, and homes have found the award-winning storybook, You Are a Social Detective! (Winner & Crooke, 2020), to be a practical, engaging addition to their libraries. While simply reading the storybook is educational, the social and emotional concepts are ripe for deeper teaching in whole-class and small-group settings. The You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum and Support Guide has been piloted and tested over years in large school districts. It's just the tool you need to bring important social learning into your classroom.

Help your students become Social Detectives with this easy-to-use curriculum that fits into your current teaching day.

Designed as a companion guide to teach the concepts explored in You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition more deeply, this curriculum provides 10 structured lesson plans and visual tools to support building students’ social attention, social interpretation, and self-awareness. Discover practical strategies for teaching students to define social situations, make smart guesses, and uncover hidden social expectations. The concepts taught in these 10 lessons support the social learning areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and problem solving for decision making.

Each chapter is a lesson plan that includes:

Big picture context for each lesson
Lesson objectives
Key vocabulary to emphasize
Suggestions for how to introduce the lesson
Discussion prompts
Extension activity ideas with photo examples
Writing prompts to extend the learning

Appendices include activity visuals (Thinksheets) for each lesson, a family letter template, a professional letter template, a literature resource guide, and writing prompts to expand teaching.

Also included: Supplemental Visual Teaching Tools available online for curriculum purchasers. Each lesson has a short teaching PowerPoint to make your lessons come alive with visuals from the storybook and Turn & Talk activities. Also available are downloadable and printable Thinksheets from the curriculum. These online tools can be used to support large group, small group, or tele-education—perfect for use on SMART Board, Google Classroom, or any other digital platform.

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