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Superflex® 2nd Edition Kit

$ 74.99
MCA Gold Award
Audience: children, educators, therapists, parents

New Edition! Updated & Expanded

For more than a decade, our practical, motivating, and kid-friendly Superflex Curriculum has been a core resource for teaching students about flexibility, self-awareness, social interpretation, metacognition, executive functions, and self-regulation. This updated and expanded Superflex® 2nd Edition Kit: Curriculum, Storybook, and Visuals augments the available resources and enhances support for educators, therapists, and parents/caregivers through a suite of print and digital teaching materials.

The 25 interactive quests that make up the curriculum help students transform abstract thinking into concrete strategies as they learn prosocial and proactive ways to figure out how people work, learn, and play together from a social and emotional perspective.

The Superflex Curriculum is built around 14 UnthinkaBot characters, who represent struggles that all people face (grownups too!), and 14 Thinkable characters, who represent the flexible thinking and strategies that allow us all to manage these daily struggles. By activating “Thinkable” strategies, students transform into their own “Superflex” superhero character who allows them to self-regulate in various situations and meet their own personal and social goals.

With hands-on activities, digital and visual supports, extension activities, and evidence-informed lessons, both students and educators have found this new Superflex Curriculum and Teaching Guide helpful in tackling social learning and self-regulation.

What's included in the kit

Print components:

Superflex® Curriculum and Teaching Guide: Taking on the UnthinkaBots with Thinkable Powers, 2nd Edition (book)
Superflexes Take on Rock Brain and the StuckBots (storybook)
Supplemental Teaching Visuals Pack (contains 16 double-sided reference sheets):
Double-sided Mini-poster: UnthinkaBots and Thinkables (1 handout-size poster featuring 14 Thinkables and 14 UnthinkaBots)
Pairs & Powers Visuals (14 double-sided teaching tools, one for each of the 14 character pairs)
My Thinkable Brain Power Picker (1 quick reference showing each Thinkable’s powers/strategies for managing the UnthinkaBots and their Bots)

Digital components:

Letter to Families
“Superflex Academy is in Session” door sign
25 downloadable Quest Thinksheets
24 Quest PowerPoints

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