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Petunia the Perfectionist

$ 10.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): Marissa Bader
Pricing Notes: Paperback: $10.99 Hardcover: $17.99 eBook: $4.99
Audience: Early Elementary School

Did you know that every time we make a mistake, our brains grow?

Petunia does not like to make mistakes. In fact, she’ll do just about anything to avoid making one. So instead of enjoying her jam sessions on her guitar, Petunia practices ‘til her fingers ache. And rather than creating art with her crayons, she spends her time color-coding them instead.

Petunia’s so busy trying to be perfect, there’s no time left in her life for being creative or having any fun!

Though Petunia’s mom often reminds her that mistakes are important because they help us learn and grow, Petunia’s not convinced. That is until she makes a mistake that inspires everyone…even herself.

Will Petunia finally understand that it’s okay to make mistakes, and begin to accept herself for who she is – imperfections and all?

Why readers will love Petunia the Perfectionist…

- Promotes Growth Mindset. Teaches children to view mistake-making as an opportunity for growth and life-long learning.
- Encourages Flexible Thinking. Helps children move from rigid, fixed beliefs about making mistakes to more flexible and positive ones; for instance, “People won’t accept/like/love me if I make a mistake,” to “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t think less of others when they do.”
- Boosts Self-Compassion. Illustrates the importance of offering ourselves the same respect, grace, and kindness we’d extend to others if they made a mistake or faced a challenge.
- Builds Resilience. Emphasizes the idea that we learn from our mistakes, which, in turn, helps build confidence and resilience, and gives us the courage to try again or even create something new from our error.

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