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Swaddle UP Original

$ 29.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Infants

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original is Stage 1 in Love to Dream’s award-winning 3-Stage Sleep System, helping babies sleep better, longer and safer so their families can do the same. When placed on their backs to sleep (as per current Safe Sleep recommendations) babies naturally place their arms UP and knees out. The patented Swaddle UP design encourages babies to sleep with their hands near their faces, hips and legs flexed naturally. It was recognized in 2016 as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). This design makes it harder for baby to accidentally roll over into a dangerous face-down position during the night, as well as allowing them to push and reposition themselves in this event. Our modern understanding of the Moro/Startle Reflex in sleep disturbance recognizes that natural arm and leg movements need only light resistance to be contained, and do not require tight constriction. Swaddle UP’s perfect blend of 93% super-soft cotton and 7% Elastane gives 360° stretch for comfort and breathability, providing the snug sensation babies need to remain asleep. Swaddle UP allows babies access to their hands, so they “self-soothe,” utilizing behavior observed in the womb such as stroking their cheeks or sucking on their hands. Babies who have access to their hands learn to go back to sleep unassisted. Babies swaddled with arms restricted may actually wake more frequently, become frustrated, and “escape” traditional swaddles; they may continue to rely on caregivers to soothe and help them resettle without learning to put themselves back to sleep. There are no difficult wrapping techniques required, no noisy Velcro, and no risk of loose blankets posing a suffocation hazard in baby’s crib. The two-way zipper makes swaddling baby fast and easy; midnight diaper changes are nearly silent, and may be accomplished without waking baby. Single layer reduces the risk of overheating, a known risk for SIDS.

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