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Kadho English - Language Immersion for Children

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MCA Gold Award
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Audience: preschool, kindergarten, toddlers

Kadho English is a program developed by a team of scientist, educators and language learning experts to help children build the foundation of English. The intent of this program is to build the English sound structures and connections that are needed to fully hear and produce all 30+ million English words. The software was developed as both an independent self-study program as well as classroom supplement. The software was tested to address a key need in China; the correct auditory developed of correct English sounds for children without access to a fully immersive native English environment. This has great benefit for non-native English teachers, who are fully capable of teaching English with the only limitation of not being able to produce native speech.

Kadho has designed an interactive, video-based learning environment incorporating visual and auditory stimuli from native speakers of English producing English sounds. It is designed to improve children’s English speaking and listening in classrooms or at home. The goals of Kadho’s research-based curriculum are:

• Increasing familiarity with English sounds and sound combinations;
• Focusing on one language area at a time (e.g., consonant clusters) while exposing children to typical English words and phrases;
• Teaching basic vocabulary and useful phrases;
• Inviting children to say English words both to keep them engaged and to encourage practice making the language’s sounds.
• Immersing children in as much English as possible with instructions also repeated in their native language as a scaffold for understanding the meaning of the English stimuli;

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