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productpure EA-free baby bottle

$ 19.95
MCA Silver Award
Audience: infants


In an exciting development for consumer product safety, productpure™ has released a unique, certified estrogenic activity free (EA-Free) baby bottle.

• Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) mimic (or block) the action of hormones. By far the most common form of hormonal activity in EDCs is estrogenic activity (EA).
• BPA has EA. Removing BPA does not make a product EA-free because thousands of other chemicals could have EA. "Plastic-free" products can also have EA in silicone, colorants, & other parts.
• Published scientific articles show many BPA-free products still have EA. That is why we believe EA-free is a much better safety standard than just BPA-free.
• All productpure products meet the comprehensive standard of EA-free, meaning they are free of chemicals with EA including BPA, phthalates, parabens & thousands more.
• productpure’s uniquely safe EA-free bottle has desirable features such as a large breast-shaped nipple for natural feeding, anti-colic valves built into the nipple, contoured bottle for easy gripping, & only four parts for easy cleaning and assembly.

The move from BPA-containing infant feeding products to BPA-free was driven by safety concerns. productpure products go beyond BPA-free by meeting the much more comprehensive safety standard of EA-free. Meeting this higher standard is important because scientists, MDs, environmentalists, & consumer advocates for years have issued warnings about the potential health hazards of chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA) for humans & other mammals including birth defects, higher rates of cancer, early puberty in females, diminished fertility, obesity, behavioral disorders, & many other health disorders. Fetal, infant, & juvenile mammals, including humans, can be especially sensitive to very low dosages.

productpure’s work has been supported by consumer groups such as Center for Environmental Health, Silent Spring, & Think Beyond Plastic. Additionally, productpure’s R&D have been largely funded & supported by the National Institutes of Health & the National Science Foundation through grants & commissioned work.

The productpure™ baby bottle is now available online at, a number of boutiques, & online retailers. Additional certified EA-free consumer products are in development including sippy cups, water bottles, food storage, & cosmetics.

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