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Little Balance Box

$ 69.95
MCA Gold Award
Audience: Infant and Toddler

The simple, yet effective and safe design of the Little Balance Box provides stability while transitioning from sitting to kneeling, standing and walking. Invented by a mom and physical therapist the Little Balance Box allows your baby to achieve optimal growth and development due to the non-restricting design. Your baby can freely move to standing and walking and then return to sitting when they are tired. Unlike other seated walkers that restrict and limit a baby’s natural tendency to freely move. Clear polycarbonate top allows increased learning in the early brain by allowing the baby to see their legs and how they move. This type of visual feedback allows optimal development of the baby’s brain, nervous system and visual system. The no wheel, spring loaded feet allow the Little Balance Box to move safely on carpet, tile and wood floor surfaces without causing damage. The up and down motion in the feet also provide increased sensory input and proprioception to the development of the muscles and joints. As your baby pushes down on the top surface the springs compress creating a slowing mechanism that ensures the Little Balance Box stays with your baby instead of rolling away! Then as your baby becomes a more proficient with walking they push down less on the top decreasing the engagement of the slowing mechanism. The little balance box matches the level of support your baby needs to walk safely.

No Wheels - spring loaded contoured feet that move up and down-this unique feature allows the Little Balance Box baby walker to glide safely over level carpet, tile and wood surfaces.
Safe and Ecofriendly - BPA and PVC Free! Made from sustainable bamboo.
Patented Compact Design – invented by a mom and physical therapist the design creates a large base that increases stability while maintaining a small footprint. The compact size makes it great fit for small spaces!
Perfect for Little Hands – easy to maneuver, the large top surface provides maximum surface area to place hand/arm. The rounded ergonomic border fits perfectly in the baby’s hand making it easy for them to grip and hold onto the sides.
Two Products In One – the durable clear polycarbonate top produces a percussive sound when a baby taps on it teaching cause and effect. The Little Balance Box can also be used as a toddler table!

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