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BuggyBoard Maxi+

$ 149.95
MCA Silver Award
Audience: Toddlers, approx 2-5 years

BuggyBoard Maxi+ is the ultimate ride-on platform, often called "stroller board", now also with the new Saddle. Best by design, the BuggyBoard attaches to your stroller (big, small, single, double, umbrella type or pram style). It provides a safe and practical transport for tired toddlers. Equipped with the unique Lascal EASY-FIT system, the connectors are flexible to adapt to almost any single or double stroller, 3 wheeler, travel system. Move it between your strollers, it's the only board you will ever need. Most families have more than one stroller and it makes it easy and convenient to be able to move the board from one stroller to the other, depending on the need of the day. When child gets tired during a long walk, you just fold down the Saddle and child can sit down comfortably, facing the parent pushing the stroller. The combination of the BuggyBoard and the Saddle makes a perfect addition to any stroller.
Safely positioned between your arms, the BuggyBoard positions your child in a secure place in crowds and high traffic areas. When your child is too tired to walk, when you are in a hurry, BuggyBoard makes it easier.
Fitting advice: is a unique and invaluable photographic look-up guide. You will be able to punch in your own brand and model stroller and find that there is a perfect fit, works well with 99% of all strollers on the market. Some stroller manufacturers have their own boards but they are limited to that specific stroller model an cannot be moved over to a new or borrowed different stroller. Lightweight, but can hold up to around 44 lbs. The Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi has been a popular stroller accessory for years. Now combined with the new Saddle, the combination of the two products are available in the BuggyBoard Maxi+, indicating that both products come in the box.

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