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If Our World Was White...

$ 17.99
MCA Gold Award
Author(s): jjmarkatt
Audience: preschool, infants and toddlers

What would happen if our World was a single color and all white?
Would the sun still shine bright and warm the sky? Could you see the white trees sway in the breeze? ​

"If our world was white..." is based on a toddler's unique perspective that color not only makes our world a visual delight but also gives it other dimensions including motion, emotion, sensation and comfort.

Color is an integral part of life. The rainbow of colors we can see, including white, help create balance and harmony in nature. We use colors to communicate and to celebrate, to highlight motion and express emotions. Colors can cool a warm day and warm a cold night. Colors are so magnificent that fireworks without colors would just be noise.

‘If our world was white...’ attempts to convey this importance and equality of color to young readers by asking them what would happen if the world we live in was monochromatic (i.e. a single color) and all white.
This picture book is designed as an interactive book that encourages questions and dialogue between the reader and the inquisitive young audience.

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