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ABC Dig For Gold

$ 9.99
MCA Silver Award
Audience: toddler, preschool, ages 5 to 8

Be the player with the most cards at the end of the game by asking other players for letters to make a match or to Dig for Gold from the draw pile.

Number of Players: 2 to 5
Age Group: 4 to 8+
Time to Play: 5 to 8 minutes

Fun with Reading using special game cards.
No more flash cards!


• Learn and reinforce recognition of capital letters.
• Promote positive family relationships
• Provide happy memories

Invaluable source for home schooling.

Also, students with special needs/learning disabilities of all ages, including adults, succeed in learning and /or reinforcing reading skills when playing this game.

Excellent resource for remedial and/or enrichment purposes for Pre-K through Third-plus grades.

Provides parents a constant opportunity to praise children for something they have done correctly, which will instill positive attitudes, confidence and build self-esteem.

Children learn by seeing, hearing and saying information, which is precisely what takes place when playing this game.

Discourage playing of electronic games isolating children into their own little worlds. This game provides fun family interactive playing. Families sit down and interact with one another playing a game.

Playing games enhances the bond between parent and child and helps encourage family unity.

This game can be made easier simply by playing with half a deck or removing certain cards depending on the child.

Enjoy playing these games at home, in a doctor's office, in a car or restaurant.

This game makes a great birthday or holiday gift, or a gift for any occasion.

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